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As a matter of fact, Odoo’s full open source software suite is growing in its full and faster way, and most business organizations prefer Odoo, the importance of licensing odoo knowledge is growing. Licensing rules and regulations may differ from community version to enterprise version and from free apps to paid apps. We support you with partners, having precise knowledge of odoo licensing and will keep you safe from future legal issues.

Benefits of Odoo Licensing consultancy

In the growing scenario of Odoo, most of the business organisations are migrating to Odoo open ERP for its vast application and ease. Odoo licensing consultancies can provide you partners with right knowledge on the licensing rules and regulations of odoo. They will guide you to choose the versions of odoo that are best fit for your business organisation. The licensing is different for both community version and enterprise version. Community version is open while for enterprise,it is licenced. The applications provided by Odoo are either paid or free apps. Even Though there are concerns on modifying, reselling and creating closed apps, a partner with the right knowledge in AGPL, LGPLv3, MIT licenses can lead you to choose the right versions and applications needed to run your business smoothly and cost effectively. They can guide you for choosing only those applications that are exactly needed and good for your company’s financial health at less cost and that cover the entire business operations as well.

Moreover, Odoo is open source there are some guidelines and rules regarding the odoo apps modification, reselling etc to be concerned. So Odoo Licensing consultancy can lead you to grow your business without making any legal issues on those odoo licensing policies and protects you from getting penalties on those violations.

Odoo Licensing

Odoo community License

odoo community comes under GNU Lesser GPL version (LGPLv3) derived from GPL, introduced by free software foundation inc. GPL was a widely used open source license which permits the licensee to use the covered software for their own business, modify and distribute it with a condition that the licensee must share the same license with including the source code. When it comes to LGPL, licensees can use the software, provided the same privileges as in GPL permits. But for distribution uses the covered software library or dependent must be distributed under the same license and for the newly developed software by licensee, can be distributed in closed code or under any license.

Odoo Enterprise License

Odoo enterprise comes under version v1.0, which prohibits users from executing, modifying or executing after modifying odoo enterprise edition without valid subscription. Since subscription based on users, more users instead of valid numbers is illegal. Only Odoo partners are allowed operations to modify and execute unless the software is in production or live environment. Distributing, selling or sublicensing of odoo enterprise edition or its modified versions are illegal. But the subscriber can use odoo modules along with the odoo enterprise version regardless of their license. It can be from odoo apps or from any other platform.

Odoo Free App License

New free apps can be built and that can be used in both enterprise versions and community versions. Odoo enterprise permits to use the free apps with any license that can be downloaded from the odoo apps store and used, without any payments. Since the community version is in LGPL, So they can publish and distribute free apps with any license. But the core community addons should be kept in LGPLv3.

Odoo Paid App License

This license is used for paid addons available in the app store. To use those addons legally, that should be either bought or get a written document from the author. Like enterprise edition, the selling, distributing, modifying, sublicensing them are not permitted. But can use them under the license as a library, building new modules, importing features without copying anything from the addon and can be distributed under any license without contradicting the proprietary license like LGPL,MIT etc.

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