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Odoo Support

Odoo ERP Support and maintenance is an integral service
provided by Estartegya. Our team comprising both
functional consultants caters to all range of problems you
ask for. We help you to identify different kinds of issues
which you face in your company and guide them with proper solutions. Our experienced and technically qualified team provides numerous supports via customizing, documenting,
bug fixing, guiding and other allied supports. We provide
numerous services among the users in Odoo.

Odoo ERP Support FAQ

What is Odoo AMC?

Odoo is an ERP software that will require the continuous support of its providers at needed times. Therefore, the maintenance contracts and support packages are vital. Most of the partners of Odoo will not be providing you with Odoo AMC contracts. However, Estreategya will offer Odoo AMC support upon demand from your side and will allocate a dedicated team to support you, fix your bugs and redefine your Odoo to be more efficient in its functioning. Furthermore, we will resolve all the issues regarding the functioning of Odoo, answer all your queries on the software, and will be there to guide you to the excellence of your company with Odoo.

Why do you need Odoo ERP Support?

The functional Odoo Training course is
devoted to clients, infrastructure providers
and end-users who want to achieve a deeper
functional understanding of Odoo. Functional
training covers:
Functional Training
Deep learning on all functional modules from Odoo Experts.
Get Trained with Latest Editions and Version in Odoo.
Learn to Install, Manage and Configure with Basic Modules.
Learn How to Create and Customize with Odoo Studio.
Save time and Cost and Increase Business efficiency.

Why is Estrategya in Odoo ERP Support?

Odoo support operations are provided by almost all the partners of Odoo available all across the world. However, Estrategya, the leading Odoo partner stands out in providing Odoo support to its customers. This is because firstly, we have defined a variety of support packages for you to choose from. Moreover, their packages are described based on the support incidence that occurs in Odoo. Furthermore, we offer 24-hour support throughout the week through various online communication mediums. The packages also include bug-fixing services as per the requirements.

Where can we buy the Odoo Support package?

The Odoo support packages are provided by almost all Odoo service providers. Estrategya offers a variety of Odoo support packages for you to choose from. The packages can be availed from our Odoo ERP support page available on our website. Furthermore, if you need antsy information regarding it and confusion regarding choosing the right package you can always contact us and we will be there to assist you. These packages are defined based on our intervention requirements times and the functioning of the Odoo in your establishment.

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