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A dedicated online sales and website management tool

Craft and design websites within minutes

Build attractive and exceptional websites with the Odoo website builder tool

The dedicated website builder tool available in the Odoo website module will help you to build eye-catching websites with ease.

Never write a single line of code

Build a website with powerful building block available in the Odoo website builder

You don’t have to write a single line of code for building an attractive website as it can be done by dragging and dropping the building blocks available in the Odoo website builder. However, you have a dedicated HTML/CSS/JS editor for advanced configuration.

Enhance your website

You will have detected configuration options helping you to craft a style for your website

The style and configuration options available in all of the building blocks of the Odoo website builder will help you to define your website and enhance its functionality.

Dedicated styling themes

Choose a complete styling theme for your website for an attractive design

Numerous theses are available for the Odoo website which can be obtained from the Odoo app store. You can also customize your themes to suit your styling needs.

Custom product page

You can create customized shop pages on your website to deal with the E-commerce aspects

Define your shop page to be attractive and well-structured to put your products forward to the customers with ease and with the use of dedicated building blocks and styling and web page editing tools.

Forum and blogs

Create dedicated pages for the forms and blog posting on your website

The website module allows you to create dedicated forum posting windows along with blog posting pages for your company operations within a fraction of seconds. Additionally, the eLearning courses can be displayed on dedicated web pages of the website.

Advanced Features of Odoo Accounting

The website module of Odoo is equipped with advanced functional features helping you to put your products first to the customers

Dedicated website building

The dedicated Odoo website builder tools will help you to craft and define your company websites with ease helping you to project your company products and services to the visitors.

  • Customizable tools and options
  • Style configuration
  • Dedicated website themes menu in Odoo app store
  • Craft websites with the building blocks
  • Editing tools

Website visitor tracking

Track the visitors to the web pages based on their activity to understand the reachability of the website to the customers.

  • Dedicatedly tracks webpages
  • Convert visitors into leads
  • Link tracker

SEO tools to promote your website

You can put your website first by using the dedicated system engine optimization tools available that can be configured as per your need.

  • Promotional tools to rank your website
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Console Google search option

User and shopping experience

Make your website a user-friendly one by configuring the various options and user enhancement tools.

  • Mobile view helping users to view your website on gadgets
  • Live Chat for shopping support
  • Portal account for customer
  • Filtering options
  • Product comparator
  • Wishlist option
  • Direct checkout

Tools to boost your sales

The eCommerce management of Odoo will support the aspects of boosting your sales with the help of dedicated tools and options available.

  • Accessory and optional products
  • Alternative products
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Promotional programs
  • Coupons and loyalty rewards
  • Follow up on abandoned carts

Dedicated finance management

All the payments and the invoicing aspects of the sales conducted can be done with ease by configuring the dedicated functional options.

  • Payment terminologies
  • Dedicated payment acquirers
  • Localized and worldwide payment terminals

Well crafted shipping methodologies

You can configure the various shipping aspect and methodologies as per the requirement of the product and the business.

  • Integration with DHL, UPS, USPS, FedEx, and many more
  • Product tracking
  • Shipping rules
  • Product movement terminologies
  • 3-way matching

Advanced reporting

Generate analytical reports on the website and eCommerce operation with just a click.

  • Generate report on online sales
  • Visit and views report

Multiple Pricelists

Google Maps integration

Google Slides integration

Sell digital content


Shipping cost


Delivery lead time

Orders follow up

Configure taxes

Invoicing policy

Chart of accounts

Email confirmation

Integration with other applications

The Odoo is a business management platform operating with the help of the dedicated modules that are available. These modules are in direct integration with eh other to support the unanimous operations


The direct integration with the sales module allows the eCommerce operations to be run as per the company business terminologies.


With the integration with the website as well as the e-commerce operations, the CRM will be able to generate leads from website visitors.


A centralized inventory infrastructure of Odoo will help the business operations of retail, wholesale as well as e-commerce to be run efficiently without any clash.


Run your online recruitment operations of the employee hiring process effectively with the website integration with the recruitment module.


The product delivery operations are effectively conducted based on operations defined in the eCommerce website due to the integration.

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