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Run complete production operations of your manufacturing unit effectively from the initial stages of planning to the deployment of the completed products to the inventory. The dedicated manufacturing module along with the associated modules will help you to manage the production operations of the various products. Furthermore, you can do the planning aspects on the manufacturing operations involving the engineering side of it with the integration with advanced external or third pastry tools of operation.

Modernized Manufacturing Process

All from a single platform

Dedicated work center overview

A complete informational menu on the work center operations of the manufacturing process

  • Workstation classification
  • Plan work orders directly
  • Dedicated work center reports
  • Overall equipment effectiveness

Planning operations

Plan your manufacturing and production operations for complete effectiveness in operations

  • Master production schedule window
  • Plan by production
  • Dedicated planning for each work center
  • Run scheduler option

What is MRP in Odoo? Is Odoo good for manufacturing?

Odoo MRP stands for the dedicated tool available in the platform for the Material Requirements and planning suitable for the production industry. Moreover, with dedicated tools as such, Odoo Manufacturing will cater to all the production operational requirements of a company and is the best tool available in the market today.


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

  • Plan your operations on the engineering aspects
  • Documents module to store the engineering drawings
  • Attach drawings to the bill of materials
  • Work sheep for operations
  • By Product management

Dedicated maintenance module

Run your manufacturing equipment as well as the company equipment maintenance with the dedicated maintenance management module

  • Run preventive as well as predictive maintenance
  • Scheduled maintenance operations
  • Automate preventive maintenance schedule
  • Generate maintenance request

Quality management for modernized operations

Enhance your product quality management operations with the dedicated quality management module.

  • Well crafted quality control points
  • Custom quality checks and alerts
  • Create your quality teams

Scheduling and management tools

You will have dedicated tools that will help you with the scheduling and management tools for the Odoo manufacturing management operations.

  • Work order creations and management
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Organize work orders and work centers

Dedicated reporting

Report generation is one of the advanced capabilities with Odoo and for the manufacturing operations, you will be able to generate dedicated analytical reports on each of the operations.

  • Manufacturing order reports
  • Work order report
  • Overall equipment effectiveness report

Modules for Production Operations


All the manufacturing operation management of your company will be controlled and managed from this module.


The repair operations of the faulty products which are caused during the manufacturing operations will be conducted over here.


The product life cycle management operations such as planning, and crafting the manufacturing process will be run over here.


The quality checks, and quality control aspects involved in the product manufacturing operations are done with this module.


The equipment maintenance both the preventive as well as faulty maintenance operations are conducted with the help of this module .

Integration with other applications

Odoo functions with dedicated modules and the operations of the platform hold up to the benefits of the business where all these modules are integrated unanimously to the excellence


The integration with the sales module will help with the initiation of the manufacturing process once a sales order is being received.


The purchase module integration will lead to efficient product procurement of the raw material required for the manufacturing operations.


The integration with the inventory module will be beneficial in managing the bill of material required for the manufacturing of a product.

HR modules

The integration with various HR modules will help with the effective management of the employees involved with the manufacturing process.

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