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Ultimate retail management tool

Run multiple sales sessions

The easy to use retail sales management tool

The all-in-one tool of the retail sales management operations Odoo POS is equipped with an advanced functional interface and dashboard helping you to run multiple sales sessions at an instance.

Define custom operations

Configurable operational control tools as per your functional need

Odoo customization aspect can also be seen in the retail sales management operations here you can define the functioning of the retail store and its sales as per the standardized operations that you need.


Put customer satisfaction first

With customer relationship management tools integrated with the Odoo CRM, the customers can be well served using the Odoo POS

You can define loyalty programs which will appreciate your customer to come back to your store. The loyalty programs can be custom created, along with the point allocation helping with standardization in operations.

Bring in automation

Automation is the key for business advancement and you will require dedicated tools for the automation aspects of routine operations

Automate your loyalty programs based on the invoices. Integrate biometric as well as bar code scanners to simplify the registering process helping in saving time as well as increasing productivity.

Restaurant/ Cafe management

Run your Restaurant/ cafe using this front desk tools more efficiently

The Odoo POS is crafted to be operational for the management of a restaurant/ cafe from the aspect of employee management to the billing of the customer. Here also you can run loyalty and promotional programs with efficiency.

Compatible for any device

The Odoo POS can be operated from various devices without any prior installation.

  • Tablet / mobile

  • Computer

  • Check Out Counter Devices

Centralized integrated inventory management

Run retail, wholesale as well as eCommerce operations all from a centralized system

As the inventory is integrated with the POS operations you will not indulge with the orders on products that are out of stock. Moreover, with aspects of inventory operations, the product orders will be auto-generated based on the stock quantity.

Functional features they bring in advanced capabilities

The advanced capable features of the Point of Sales module make it an exceptional retails store, or restaurant, or cafe management tool.

Functional in offline and online mode

Helpful for institutions that operate the entire business using Odoo and best beneficial for institutions where there is a connectivity mishap.

  • The operations will be restored as the connectivity is gained back
  • Connectivity only needed to set up the store
  • Operational with minimum functionality without connectivity

Complete restaurant/ cafe management interface

The dedicated tools and infrastructure of the Odoo POS module help you to configure it to be operational for the restaurant/cafe management operations.

  • Split and merge bills
  • Run sales on multiple customers
  • Distinctive product category

Floor and table management

The different floors that are available for your restaurant/cafe along with the tables allocated in it can be managed with dedicated options.

  • Take specific table based orders
  • Transfer orders to a different table
  • Alling tables as per your need
  • Custom floor plan and name
  • Allocate employees to each table

Advanced device integration

As the management of the retail operations, you will have various payment supporting tools which will help accept and register payments.

  • Choose different payment methods – cash, credit card, or online
  • Different payment acquirers
  • Advanced payment terminals
  • Direct invoicing

Payment support tools

As the management of the retail operations, you will have various payment supporting tools which will help accept and register payments.

  • Choose different payment methods – cash, credit card, or online
  • Different payment acquirers
  • Advanced payment terminals
  • Direct invoicing

Futuristic selling options

With the various futuristic selling tools available in Odoo POS you can take your retail sales operations to a new level.

  • Custom payment receipts
  • Run multiple sales orders
  • Sell at the go remotely using smart gadgets
  • Barcode to simplify the counter operations

Customer relationship management tools

Customer is the king of a retail business and Odoo provides you with advanced operational tools that support the aspects of bringing in customers again and again to the store.

  • Run loyalty programs
  • Loyalty cards to identify the customers
  • Coupons and promotional programs can be drafted to operation

Store a project management

The Odoo POS has a dedicated store as well as product management tools that will support the functional operations of your retail store.

  • Product categories
  • Dedicated product variants and allocation
  • Stock and inventory management
  • Order management

Multiple Pricelists

Unit of Measure Management

Product Attributes

Sales Tax Configuration

Fiscal Position Settings

Restrict Product Categories and Products

Various payment terminals

Employee and Cashier Authorization

Product Configurator

Multiple Currencies

Cash Rounding

Integration with other applications

The Odoo is a business management platform operating with the help of the dedicated modules that are available. These modules are in direct integration with eh other to support the unanimous operations


The integration with the sales module will allow you to directly run the retail sales operations of the company corresponding to other modes of sale.


The accounting module integration will deal with the management of the financial aspects of the retail sales being conducted in the store.


A centralized inventory infrastructure of Odoo will help the business operations of retail, wholesale as well as e-commerce to be run efficiently without any clash.

Email marketing

The marketing mode for email will help in sending out the promotional as well as marketing emails to the customer helping you to bring in more and more customers.

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