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تواصل معنا الآن

Odoo is an open source ERP which contains several
modules to manage the different organization arenas.
We increase the functionality of Odoo by integrating
third-party software using rich API library and the web
Consulting at is also offering standard based
connectivity by integrating Odoo with various devices
using SDK. We have proven our expertise by
integrating devices like Biometric application.
Odoo ERP integration should be done with the right
expertise as the chances of getting into errors while
functioning if not done as per the advised and
standardized practices are high.

Odoo Integration Services

Nowadays any ERP application must be connected and integrated with the other services either it is payment gateways to get the payment or shipping connectors so that the company get the throughout all information for any process and get the connection with the other application. 

Consultingat provides the modules and connectors to meet the requirements for your business like payment gateways, Shipping connectors, social media connectors, e-commerce connectors like eBay and Amazon and SMS gateways and biometric devices integrations.

Odoo Payment Gateways Integrations

Customized odoo for manufacturing industries like textiles, plastic, cardboard, and mechanical part manufacturing companies.

Odoo Shipping Integrations

We are providing the point of sales system and retails customization for food and beverages and shopping retail businesses.

Odoo Social media Integrations

Full customization in Warehouse and inventory by having the process and data customization in multi warehouse and process operations.


Odoo SMS Gateway Integration

Customized the sales and lead funnel with optimized marketing emails and channel as well as e-commerce customization in odoo.

Odoo Biometric Device Integration

Having customization in the admission process and developed the multi-level questions for exam management and attendance system biometrics.

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