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Odoo Pricing is complex, Consultingat always suggest connecting with our Odoo team to understand your business needs and our team member will provide you the accurate cost for odoo.

The cost may vary according to the countries

Odoo pricing is categorized into 6 segments

Enterprise License

Odoo comes in two edition the community edition which is free of charge but limited to functionalities the other is enterprise edition which has a license fee whereas, compared to the former its equipped with advanced features to run your company. The enterprise pricing is based on the modules used and the number of users allocated to the platform, which at instance of company operations there is need of multiple users. In addition, the platform does not charge the companies for the portal user. However, these users are limited to their functionalities in the platform and are accessible to specific data. Moreover, this will even add up based on the need of modules and applications which should be purchased from the Odoo app store to run the company. Additionally, the pricing varies based on the country of the business operations which can be looked up in the Odoo website.

Hosting (cloud hosting, On-premise, Dedicated Cloud or Odoo.sh)

Another aspect of Odoo pricing is based on the hosting of the platform which can be done cloud based(Odoo online), on premises, and on Odoo.sh. Firstly, the Odoo cloud is defined as Odoo online which is a service provided by Odoo with the enterprise edition operating in Saas. Additionally, the platform is suitable for small scale establishments as the platform is restricted to any customizations. The operations will be based on default features provided with Odoo. The main advantage of cloud based(Odoo online) hosting is that there is no headache for the user on the aspect and pricing on the server and the migration which are both overlooked by Odoo itself. Secondly, on premise hosting can be operated on a third party external server or a local server operation. Where the former is available worldwide and the latter is accessible for localized operations. In both the aspects the server maintenance and operations charges are to be dealt by the customers. Additionally there are no limitations on customization and add ons for the platform form Odoo which is entirely up to the user. Finally, Odoo.Sh where Odoo itself is the server provided which can be operated in two ways one with a shared server and the other with a dedicated one. The former is suitable for small scale company operations with less than 50 users and the pricing can be deduced from the Odoo.sh website which is based on the workers, storage, hosting type and the staging environment additionally the service features such as back up, Odoo apps integration, continuous integration and many more advanced features. Whereas, in case of the dedicated server operations the company requirements are to be shared with the Odoo and where the suggestions will be made as per the requirements and the pricing will be determined.

Odoo Implementation Cost

The Odoo implementation services are provided by Odoo partners which are recognised by Odoo and maintain a standardization in the operations. Odoo is a vast software operating with 30000+ modules which includes the main and supporting ones which should be configured precisely to operate based on the company operations. While undergoing Odoo implementation the master data of the company operations such as chart of accounts, product, customer and vendor description and many more preceding operational data can be imported to Odoo Knowing how to use the platform after successful implementation will also be trickier. In addition the user may run into errors without proper knowledge on the usability. The Odoo implementation cost includes the installation charges, implementation of the platform into your company and the training provided on the operations. 

Support & Maintenance

An ERP cannot be operated with continuous support from the developers and the technician associated in the back end operations. One of the additional aspects which add up to the Odoo pricing is the support and maintenance cost for the platform. There are cases of the user running into errors and mistakes while operating in the platform where the platform could only be recovered and made fully functional again only by the certified Odoo partners and developers. A Odoo partner will be with the company in each step of the operations and will ensure that continuous support is provided at the necessary times. Moreover, in desperate times there is a need for desperate measures that will also be ensured by the Odoo partner when the platform fails and there is need of maintenance.


The customizations the best feature of Odoo which allows any company operations to be integrated with the platform. The customization pricing is based on the modifications required on the default operations of Odoo and additional add ons and applications required to support the company operations. The customization pricing solely revolved around the additional requirements of the company. The Odoo customization can be done by the Odoo certified partners available. These partners are resourceful, well equipped to deal with any customization requirements.


The Odoo migration is the methodology of migrating to the latest version of Odoo. As Odoo is management software which comes up with updates which will help the companies in the various advanced operations these companies will require their Odoo platform to be migrated to the latest version. The migration is an aspect which is included in the Odoo pricing. The default application and module are freely updated by Odoo but the pricing revolves around the additional application and add ons described in the platform for company specific requirements. In addition, the data transfer from the previous version will also add up to the pricings in Odoo migrations.

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